Easier through life with an aligned atlas

The Atlas is the topmost vertebra and with the axis forms the joint connecting the skull and spine. Therefore it is key for your body static.

Additionally the Atlas and the Axis are important neurologically because your brain stem extends down to the Axis.

We are specialized in realigning the Atlas to reduce your suffering and improve your healthiness.


The Atlas, and therefore the whole spine, are related to a lot of well known complaints and symptoms. Some of these complaints which might be influenced by the Atlas are listed over here.

Atlas treatment against headache | Photo of Atlas treatment against headache


Reduce your headaches ...

Burnout | Photo of Atlas treatment against Burnout

Chronic Fatigue

Get rid of chronic fatigue ...

schlafstoerung-01_1200-630 |

Sleep Disorders

Do something against sleep disorders ...

atlas-rueckenschmerzen-backpain |

Slipped Disk

Supporting you with slipped disks ...

Depression | Photo of Atlas treatment against Depression


Fight against Depression ...

atlas-beschwerden-nackenschmerzen-03-1200 | Nack Pain Image

Neck Strain

Release your neck strain ...


Interesting for You?

You tried a lot of different therapies but had no success until now?

You want to ensure to have a healthy back and aligned spine?

You want to activate and use the self-healing power of your body?

You want to have a treatment without drugs?


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feedback-carolina-psychologist-300-300 |

Balanced and Healthy

I had my first treatment yesterday and I feel different, balanced and healthy. Thanks Martina.
Carolina A., Psychologist

headtest |

Finally no pain in my knees

The pain in my knees, especially during running, was already reduced significantly just a few days after the first session. Now I can run my 10k again without any pain.
Roland R., Consultant in Munich

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